3D portfolio of Daniel Akik

Welcome to my site.
This portfolio showcases a selection of my recent 3D work. (Click on the thumbnails for larger views or open in a separate tab for full resolution.)

Product Visualization – Retro Joystick QuickShot II Turbo

My 3D version of another classic electronic device from the ’80s, this time Spectravideo’s QuickShot II Turbo (released in 1985).

Real-time 3D Model – Pirate Flintlock Pistol

An 18th century pirate flintlock pistol for use in real-time environments like game engines and AR/VR applications. The model utilizes a standard PBR material (metallic/roughness workflow).

Product Visualization – Children’s Vehicles

Some 3D models of push-powered children’s vehicles, the most prominent one supposably the legendary BIG Bobby-Car (classic version)…

Architecture – Victorian Haunted House (WIP)

My ongoing project, a virtual reconstruction of the famous amusement park attraction “Phantom Manor”.
These are raytraced renders (done in Blender Cycles), but all of my materials use standard PBR materials (metal-roughness workflow), so the project can easily be transferred to a real-time environment like UE4.

Product Visualization – Retro Phones

An assortment of classic German telephones in 3D. Those were the days…

Product Visualization – More Retro & Antiques

More random old stuff…
A regulator style pendulum wall clock from the 1920s, a vintage Graetz Musica radio from the 1950s, and a Competition Pro 5000 joystick (1980s)…

Architecture – Villa Savoye

My rendition of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye in 3D.